Austin Burcham

Drums - Independent, YouTube
November 7, 2015

Drums / Pearl / Sabian / Remo / Rock

Austin Burcham

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Austin Burcham and I am drummer based out of Los Angeles, CA. I have been playing drums since my teenage years and moved to Hollywood, CA in 2008 to attend Musician’s Institute. I graduated from M.I. in 2010 with an Associate of Arts in Drumset Performance and began playing in a variety of bands around LA in genres ranging from rock to jazz to progressive metal.

I am currently focusing most of my efforts on creating content for my YouTube channel where I have a series of lessons called “Study The Greats,” which are advanced drum lessons based off performance examples from some of the best drummers of all time. The channel also has a variety of other videos such as drum covers, recording sessions, product reviews, and gear comparisons.

I also have a website where I offer remote studio drumming via online collaboration, along with personal lessons and pictures of all my drum gear/studio.

What do you use?

Here is an extensive list of all the gear I use on a daily basis…




Pearl and Sabians



Drum Heads:




Recording Gear:

Studio Monitors:


Computer set up




What would be your dream set up?

That’s a tough one… I am always just thinking about my next upgrade that’s within reason that I can do to improve the quality of my content or my workflow. If I could just get anything I want, well, I guess I would want all these things…

Austin Burcham