Daniel Lovett-Horn

Guitars - Promethium, Guitar Hunter
February 26, 2018

Guitar / Ran / Gibson / Marshall

Daniel Lovett-Horn

Who are you and what do you do?

Daniel Lovett-Horn - Lead Guitarist in Promethium / Guitar Hunter.

What do you use?

There is no doubt what so ever that I have a guitar buying problem, something that AA cannot help with. I currently own 30+ Guitars. Most are Vs, however we do have a couple normal shapes in there. I saw the V, played a V and became obsessed. Something about the sound of a V that just cuts through tonally that other guitars simply don’t.

My main Vs are Gibson traditional Vs, however I am obsessed with Ran guitars. As soon as I saw the Jeff Waters ad for Ran guitars I just had to have one and I also had to own that one that he had. Luckily for me and with my guitar dealing contacts I managed to broker a deal for that one and also recently its evil twin.

Jeff Waters Ran V

The Ran Invader Vs are amazing, especially the Alder body ones, the tones I was able to get out of them for the third Promethium album “Faces of War” due out soon were just killer and everyone who’s heard it seemed to thinks so. My back up main guitar funnily enough is Jeff Waters red Epiphone. Now considering these guitars are a fraction of official Gibson V prices I have to say that they smoke over them. Play great, look great and sound great.

I mainly load my guitars with Seymour Duncan Invaders however I kept the Epiphone totally stock.

Of course you cannot have a guitar collection without a Les Paul and there is no other cooler Les Paul than the Ace Frehley signature model. It’s a 97 I think and as soon as I saw it I had to track one down. That thing has more power than any guitar I’ve ever played. If there is ever a nuclear war, there will just be cockroaches left and that guitar still feeding back.

Ace Frehley Les Paul

Amp wise I have been a firm supporter of the Marshall mode 4 now for over 10 years. I have got 3 of them and they are just killer amps. When they came out nobody seemed to understand them and their capability however its amazing how people comment on the sound of them when they hear them (yes a positive comment ha ha). It’s always a talking point at Promethium gigs. I remember reading an article that Alex Skolnick wrote about them and said the exact same thing and how guitar centre had told him not to buy it as it was crap, yet once he dialled it in in the shop people were just staring with their mouths open.


I have also just purchased a limited edition Laboga Annihilator signature head. This is basically a 5150 on acid and I plan on trying this on the next cd.

I have recently just rebuilt my Pedal board. Ive got the usual Boss tuner and and a Boss noise gate however my other pedals were getting a bit worn so thought I’d get it rebuilt. I purchased the new version of the MXR EVH Phaser and still 10 years later that is the best phaser on the market. The new version isn’t as tough as that last one but its just so killer sounding for studios. Add in a Boss stereo chorus for your clean parts and top that off with the MXR Carbon Copy Delay which is just such an amazing pedal with its various delay options. However the main part of this board now is my new solo boost pedal. I had been using an MXR 6 band EQ for years and finally decided it was time to get something new and what can be better than the Kirk Hammett custom Ghoul Screamer pedal. This pedal for any lead guitarist is a must. It’s like a Tube Screamer on acid, it just destroys and makes everything more Metal than Metal could possibly be.

Pedal board

What would be your dream set up?

I always have a list that I hide from the wife on new equipment I want to purchase and honestly I have everything now I ever wanted.

HOWEVERRRRRRRR I would not say no to a Gibson 59 or 60 reissue as Jon Schaffer in Iced Earth gets some kick ass tones from his. And of course we cannot forget the Alex Skolnick Budda signature amp. It’s one hell of a struggle trying to find one but the vids available of them have just blown me away.

Also I wouldn’t say now to another 30 or so guitars ha ha!

If you want to hear how the Ran guitars and the rig sound check Promethium out on facebook and youtube and make sure you get the Face of War album to hear my tone.