Dave Lourie

Drums - Independent, sessions, teaching
October 23, 2015

Drums / Yamaha / Promark / Evans / Meinl

Dave Lourie

Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Dave Lourie and I’m a professional drummer/percussionist/teacher. I play in a variety of musical settings that include recording sessions, video sessions, large hall concerts, small club gigs, big band, pop, jazz, latin dance events - the list goes on.

Just finished recording an EP called ‘Flight’ with ‘1975’ sideman John Waugh - on iTunes and have been recording album material with guitarist Phil Hudson. Right now I’m rehearsing for a short run of shows from the writer of BBCs ‘Hebburn’, Jason Cook.

I also teach extensively in schools and colleges and from my own studio.

What do you use?

Endorsed by Yamaha drums. I have a Maple Custom Absolute and a Beech Custom Absolute.

Yamaha drums Meinl cymbals

Sticks, brushes and beaters by Promark (endorsee) - not model specific but I prefer the RB series. Heads by Evans (endorsee). Could be any combo but mostly single ply G1s. Also have a variety of vintage Ludwig snares. 400s, 402s and Acrolites.

Cymbals - tons of them. Old Zildjians, some Sabians, Dreams but my favourites are my growing collection of Meinl Byzance cymbals. They are beautiful.

Yamaha drums

At my studio I record with Cubase on Windows 7 with a bank of MOTU 8pre DACs linked optically. I’m only concerned with input quality. I usually send stems off to the client and they’ll do all the editing/mixing. I use a wide selection of mics - AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Se. I’m currently loving the Avantone Mondo bass drum mic - heavy! Monitoring on M Audio and using the VF drummers headphones and trusty Beyer DT 150s.

What would be your dream set up?

I wouldn’t spend any more on gear. I’d hire the best players possible on the projects that I was involved with.

The gear helps up to a point, but if it’s not in your hands you won’t find it in the equipment.

Dave Lourie